Dining Dollars are accessed through your student ID card. They come with your meal plan and are only accepted at participating ON-CAMPUS locations. Your Dining Dollar balance does not roll over at the end of the semester.

Jaybuck$ are also accessed through your student ID card. The Jaybuck$ account is funded separately from your meal plan. You may add Jaybuck$ at any time during the semester. The balance will roll over for every semester you are a Creighton student.

You can change your meal plan within the first week of every semester.

Of course, we can accommodate your requirements! For more information on how to best utilize your meal plan, please email our dietitian at daniellemoran@creighton.edu

  • Breakfast- $6.85
  • Continental- $4.65
  • Brunch- $7.65
  • Lunch- $8.65
  • Dinner- $9.65
  • Premium Night- $10.00 

Yes! Anyone can eat at the resident dining or retail locations on campus by paying with cash and debit/credit cards.  Ask the cashier for pricing. 

Go to the Card Services Office located at the Harper Center, Suite 2067.

Yes! We have a faculty meal plan that is available for purchase via our e-commerce website which can be used at either of our resident dining locations. You may also eat at any one of our dining locations by paying with cash or debit/credit card.

No, Sunday brunch begins a new week. All unused meals will be dropped.

  • Wareham Court
    Wareham Court is located on the lower level of Skutt Student Center. Included at this location is Mein Bowl, Hissho Sushi, Godfather's, Mediterranean Cafe, Corner Market, Erbert & Gerbert's, & Sombrero's. 
  • Jack and Ed's Marketplace
    Jack and Ed's is located on the lower level of Skutt Student Center. Included at this location is Hissho Sushi, Godfather's, Heat2Eat, & Simply-to-Go. 

  • Starbucks
    Located across from Jack and Ed's Marketplace on the lower level of Skutt Student Center.

  • McGloin Market
    Located on the lower level of McGloin Hall. Featuring hand-pressed, never frozen hamburgers with premium toppings served daily. There is also a late night menu that is served Sunday-Thursday from 10pm-Midnight every week.
 Dining Dollars (Semester)Average Weekly SpendBalance - Week 4Balance - Week 8Balance - Week 2
All Access$150.00$9.38$112.50$75.00$37.50
15 Meal Plan$360.00$22.50$270.00$180.00$90.00
12 Meal Plan$460.00$28.75$345.00$230.00$115.00
9 Meal Plan$550.00$34.38$412.50$275.00$137.50
Apartment 7
Flex 65 Plan$400.00$25.00$300.00$200.00$100.00
Flex 85 Plan$450.00$28.13$337.50$225.00$112.50

What's your balance? Ask your cashier for your Dining Dollar balance.

Yes! The CU Starbucks is a fully licensed Starbucks meaning you can use gift cards at this location. You are also able to purchase gift cards, merchandise, and earn rewards if you pay with a Starbucks branded card. Our CU Starbucks cannot redeem rewards for free drinks or food.
If you are on a meal plan, everything is tax free. If you pay with cash or credit/debit on campus, you will be charged tax. If you pay with a gift card at the CU Starbucks, you will be charged tax.
You may spend your time in the dining hall in between breakfast and brunch; however, you will be required to swipe in again. Each of these are different meal periods, and thus require a swipe to continue dining. Between the lunch and dinner hours, the dining hall must be cleared to prepare for the next meal time.

Any commuter student, or student who lives in a residence hall with an in-unit kitchen, may purchase this plan.