Meet Our Employees of the Month!

At Creighton Dining, we are proud to unveil the unsung heroes who form the backbone of our culinary endeavors. From orchestrating special pop-up events in our dining halls to managing bustling retail locations like Firehouse Subs, Qdoba, Starbucks, and our innovative micro markets, our journey is woven together by the unwavering commitment of the Creighton Dining Team.


Today, we stand thrilled to shine a spotlight on exceptional individuals representing Residential Dining, Retail, and Catering – each deserving the title of Employee of the Month. These outstanding team members epitomize dedication, showcasing impeccable attendance, a consistent presence in pristine uniforms, and an extraordinary ability to foster teamwork. Their noteworthy contributions extend beyond daily tasks, as they actively contribute to establishing a culture of safety within their respective units.


Join us in celebrating these remarkable individuals whose passion and commitment elevate the dining experience for every member of the Creighton community.

October 2023 Employees of the Month

Retail Dining: Joyce Moorer

Joyce EOM Oct 2023

Resident Dining: Jeovani Orellana

Jeovanni EOM Oct. 2023

Catering: Michelle Morgan

Michelle EOM Oct. 2023


November 2023 Employees of the Month

Retail Dining: Juan Rojas Lopez

Juan EOM Nov 2023

Resident Dining: Regina Pierce

Regina EOM Nove 2023

Catering: Richard Jones

Richard EOM Nov 2023


December 2023 Employees of the Month

Retail Dining: Juli Lukowski

Juli EOM 2024

Resident Dining: Goanar Akhol

Goanar EOM

Catering: Cheyenne Dodge

Cheyenne 2024


January 2024 Employees of the Month

Retail Dining: Lakeasha Kitt

Lakeasha EOM

Resident Dining: Ashley Zenon

Ashley EOM

Catering: Dillon Gammell
Dillon EOM 2024

February 2024 Employees of the Month

Retail Dining: Tracy Muntz

Tracy EOM 2024

Resident Dining: Tania Payne

Tania EOM 2024

Catering: Madelyn Ruff